Nevan wolf is a complete RPG Experience. Don’t think Minecraft, think more like Skyrim.

You start from the bottom, in prison, stuck with the filth and scum of society, you were a thief, busted for stealing a lady’s gold and sent to prison for your crime. Try and raise yourself in power, become a squire, get a class and help King Liam fight the Witch Queen.

Nevan wolf is the best Minecraft RPG Server in Australia. We offer a complete single player questline with over 40 hours in main questline quests.

We also offer sidequests if you need a bit of a break from the main questline.

There are also repeatable instances that you can run for random dropped loot and try and get unique items, things like lifesteal swords and items well beyond what you can create normally. Our limits on Sharpness are 99 and Protection is 25.

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Engineer can branch into either

  • Specialist: Beastmode and Nausea spells
  • Support: Regeneration on Target and Resistance on Target spells

Rogue can branch into either

  • Ranger: Poison spell and Fireshot spell
  • Assassin: Disarm Spell and Pain spell

Warrior can branch into either

  • Paladin: Silence Spell and Entomb Spell
  • Bezerker: Grip Spell and Weakness Spell

Bloodmage can branch into either

  • Firemage: Combust and Lightning Spells
  • Alchemist: Summon Potion and Summon item spells

Raider can branch into either

  • Martyr: Dont drop items on death, loses 6 HP and Haste Spell
  • Trickster: Can Mark / Recall to marked place and Cast Hunger on Enemy


Battle Armor Kit

  • Set of Protection 5 Unbreaking 5 Iron Armor
  • Iron Sword Sharpness 5 Unbreaking 5
  • $25000 In game currency


  • 50 to all MCMMO stats

Jester Kit

  • Get a Slenderman Permanent Companion
    • Casts a random friendly potion affect and follows and helps you
  • Ability to change your prefix or suffix
    • Use this to imitate other classes or troll with

Cash kit

  • $100000 straight up

Full Reset

  • Start the game again, redo all the quests!

Raider Class

  • Gain Access to the VIP only class, the Raider!

Keep Items

  • When you die, dont drop your items! Instead lose $1000.
    • When you dont have more than $1000, you will drop your items.

Faction Bartender and Poker machine

  • Score a faction bartender! Sells a random potion and makes you drunk.
  • Also score a poker machine for your base! Pick either type of base level poker machine or blackjack table.

Farmer Class

  • MCMMO Boost of Herbalism and Fishing to 500
  • Conjure a random friendly animal egg
  • Access to the special Farmers Selling Market
  • Cast Farm spell

Can turn into Merchant advanced class ( Transmute spell ( turns grass int

Upgradeable Companion ( $25 )

  • Score a companion that you can upgrade!
    • Has its own mini secondary quest to upgrade, including a seperate actual mission.
    • Can be told to stay and go and gives a random friendly potion effect

Combo Kit ( $25 )

  • The Combo Kit holds
    • Asman Expansion
    • Lancelot Expansion
    • Gozerah Expansion